Friday, August 28, 2009

The Most Unrealistic Thing About 300

Thinking about Frank Miller's spin on comics, got me wondering how it is he can reimagine old stories and retell them so that they are cool. I started to think of the movie 300 and the special effects, the over the top cinematography and the cast of characters. Everything was larger, more grotesque, more bloody, more slow motion-y. It also made the story unrealistic (not that that was the focus for Miller). So I got to thinking - what was the most unrealistic thing about the movie? I now KNOW the answer but here are some close answers...

1. Maybe it was the 12 foot tall god king Xerxes? I don't care how deep his voice was, still not too masculine in my mind.

2. Maybe it was the oracle floating in the air, with see through material?

3. Maybe it was Bill Parcells mutated lobster-arm brother?

4. Maybe it was the special guest star appearance of the Hunchback of Notre Dame? I think Frank gor his stories confused on this one.

All good options, but not the correct answer. The correct answer is...

300 greek dudes, no body hair!?!?! Has anyone ever been to the mediterranean? Seriously, its like everyone there is constantly wearing sweaters at the beach. It should have been the same dudes, but with this guys body hair.

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