Monday, August 17, 2009

%Clubs Girls Would Like to Join%

In my attempts to meet women, I've been thinking about social associations where people with common interests would gather to interact in a communal setting. What sort of clubs would attract the most "interesting" of women? I will put forth a number of suggestions!
1. I start with an easy one: the CHESS club. I mean, you may think that these are the worst places to meet "interesting" women but in fact these are the place where you could find the freakiest of the freaks! I mean what type of girl goes to a CHESS club meeting unless she is looking to mate (even if it is a check mate). Here, she will find people who will try to put her in a forked position or try and skewer or pin her. Never mind that the events are often timed and really good players often entertain a number of different opponents in simultaneously. Even if they don't play, maybe they just like to watch.

2. What about the Noblemen Of the Dewey Decimal Illustriate? Becuase their name speaks of their history (it was previously limited to only male membership) the club has been hard pressed to recruit a large female enrollment. Now that the word is out, there is a large contingency of NODDI women. Imagine that, a club where NODDI behaviour is encouraged! And who doesn't want to meet NODDI women?

3. If you have a penchant for the mathematical and role playing, I recommend Abacus & Slide Ruler's. In this association you'll be transported back to a time where you'll meet medieval mathematicians and some barmaids, wenches, trollops and strumpets. Plus, you get the super-duper wicked cool t-shirt that plainly says "Lets make like the Fibonacci Series" in abacus. Its kinda like writing 5,318,008 on a calculator and then flipping the calculator upside down.

4. Cartographers Anonymous - The key word here is anonymous. No strings attached to the relationships you'll form here. The girls you meet here will take you to the ends of the earth and want to take you into uncharted territory. You'll get to explore places where no man has ever trespassed before and come home to tell about it. Make sure you bring the proper provisions as this club tends to attract women that like to rough it.

I've left out some of the more obvious clubs (Comic Book Club, LAN Clubs, The Binary Society, Harry Pottery, etc) simply because they are so busy, you'll have a hard time really connecting with the hot girls you will undoubtedly meet there. Stick to these more exclusive clubs and you'll do fine.

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