Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Awesome Conversation

When I say awesome conversations, these could include:
- the breakup conversation
- the conversation where the doctor tells you its prostate checking time
- the conversation you have with your boss in the locker room showers
- the conversation you have when your significant other asks you where you've been all night and then finds "Julie's" phone number in your jacket pocket

They could also include the conversation I just had.

[man 1]: "You're going to have to give the presentation to the president of the company when he comes in later this month"
[me]: "Ok. You want me to prepare this presentation?"
[man 1]: "No need. I"ll put something together and I'll keep it simple. You know, just down to the nuts and boats. "



  1. He prolly doesn't trust you cuz he knows that you can't count